Serve With Us

Ways to Serve

Holy Family Catholic Church is the central location where you practice being a steward of the gifts God has granted you and become involved in the life of the Church.

When you participate in the Church, you are helping to build the Kingdom of God here on earth starting right in your own neighborhood.  You help build the Kingdom by joining a parish organization, volunteering with ministries operated by the parish, enrolling in an educational program or giving financially to meet the needs of the parish. As you give, you join with others in the parish doing the work of the Church and ministering to those in your community and beyond.

Be an active part of the faith that enriches your life each and every day. Get involved and help others build their faith while renewing yours! Stewardship is your way of showing gratitude for all God has given you.

Communion Ministers

Communion Ministers share the Body and Blood of Christ with the parish at Mass. Catholics who have received the sacrament of Confirmation are invited to join this ministry.  Ministers serve at least once a month.  Please contact Deacon Vic at 707-645-9331.


Readers tell the story of God’s saving action on behalf of his people.  They break open the Word of God and share the good news of God’s love.  Adults and confirmed teens may participate in this ministry.  Readers  serve at least once a month.  Please contact Deacon Vic at 707-645-9331.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the presider at Mass.  This important ministry is open to adults and young people who have made their First Communion.  We are especially in need of men and women to be adult servers.  Training is necessary for this ministry.  Servers are scheduled at least once a month.

For information on any of the Liturgical Ministries please contact Deacon Vic Leach at 707-645.9331.

Commentators and Greeters

Commentators and Greeters are important ministers of hospitality.  Their ministry helps to make parishioners and visitors feel welcome and wanted.  The ministries of Commentator and Greeter are open to all parishioners; it’s a great opportunity for families to work together for the Parish and to draw people together with a sense of unity and purpose.  Please call the Church Office Secretary at 707-645-9331 to sign up.


There are various committees that are important ministries of the Church.  The various committees are: Pastoral Committee, Finance Committee, Liturgy Committee, Spanish Committee, Donation Counter Committee, Cleaning Groups, Communication Media Outreach, Community Outreach, Linen Society, and Recycling Society.  Please call the Church Office Secretary at 707-645-9331 to sign up for any of these committees.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry offers numerous opportunities for you and your family to become involved with the Music Ministry at Holy Family Catholic Church.  Come join us and use your musical gifts and talents for the glory of God and the blessing of the Body of Christ.  Please contact the Church Office Secretary at 707-645-9331.

Religious Education

Religious Education Program gives children from kindergarten classes through eighth grades an opportunity to learn more about the faith. Children also prepare for first Confession and First Communion through this program. Teachers and Aides are needed for the many classes that meet weekly.

High School Confirmation Classes. Two year program where participants meet in small groups led by an adult facilitator.

R.C.I.A (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is the pathway by which adults enter the Church. It is a journey of growth in the faith and involves a period of Inquiry followed by a more intense time of learning, reflection, and prayer (the Catechumenate).  Sponsors and a Hospitality Team are also involved in the RCIA process.

First Communion & Confirmation for adults 12 weekly classes for sacramental formation.

Please call Marina Maldonado, Director of Religious Education, at 707-645-9331 for more information on any of the classes and to sign up.

Social Ministries

There are also social ministries at Holy Family Catholic Church:

Banyuhay Group USA – Amy San Pedro

Fil-Am – Anthony Quicho

Grupo Guadalupano – Karina Servents

Knights of Columbus – Jod’l Cruz

Men’s Club - Kevin Kain

Missionary Families of Christ – Frank Lee

Revelation Youth Group – Jeanne Guanzon

Women’s Club – Nancy Nabrynski

Please click on the social ministry link or call the Office Secretary at 707-645-9331 for more information on any of the social ministries and to sign up.