Holy Family Catholic Church

200 Antonina Avenue, American Canyon, CA



Mass Schedule

Tuesday - Friday: 8:30 A.M.; Saturday: 5:15 P.M. Sunday: 7:30 A.M., 9:30 A.M., 11:30 A.M.

We are a full-service Catholic church for all seven Sacraments and rites of passages.

Baby in White Top

 As the first of three sacraments of initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist – baptism serves as the gateway to all the other sacraments.  It enables one to be born anew in Christ and grants us each a share in his divine life.

Documents Required for Baptism:

  • The child birth certificate
  • If parents are married in the church, copy of their marriage certificate
  • God parents, if they are not registered parishioners.  A letter of suitability from the pastor of the church regularly attend.
  • Parents and Godparents will need certificate of completion for a Baptismal Preparation Class.
Communion Bread
First Communion

The Eucharist Is the true bread come down from heaven, which nourishes and sustains us for our journey to eternal life.  While the Jews ate manna in the desert but died nonetheless, anyone who “eats this bread will live forever”.  

Documents Required for First Communion:

  • Must be currently enrolled in CCD
  • Must submit copy of Birth Certificate
  • Must also meet all requirements of CCD instructors along with Parish and Diocesan requirements for First Communion
  • Students must also complete First Reconciliation prior to receiving First Holy Communion
Holy Bible and Praying Hand
Confession Times:
Before or After Regular Scheduled Masses and 
also by appointment with Fr. Fred Kutubebi (707-645-9331  Ext. #101)

This is also known as confession.  In the Roman Catholic Church people go to confession to say sorry for the wrong (sin) in their lives and to experience God’s healing through forgiveness.  Confession also permits reconciliation with the Church, which is wounded by the sins people commit.


Four elements make up the sacrament of reconciliation.  They are essential for absolving sins.  These elements are contrition, confession, satisfaction and absolution.

Contrition – sorrow for sins.  Contrition requires sincere examination of conscience.  To do this, a person must ask themselves questions based on the 10 Commandments, to see if they have sinned.

Confession – owning up honestly about sin, accepting responsibility for sin.  Confession involves stating all the mortal and venial sins to the priest.

Satisfaction – doing what is possible to repair harm of offense.  The two parts of satisfaction are penance and prayer of sorrow (act of contrition).  Penance is when the priest states the satisfaction to be made (this could be returning stolen goods, paying compensation for damage done, a prayer).  A prayer of sorrow can be a prayer in the person’s own words, or a formal prayer.

Absolution – forgiveness by Jesus through the priest.  Priests have the same spiritual gifts to forgive sins just as Jesus did.

Hanging Rosary


The sacrament by which we are nourished and strengthened in the grace of God and sealed with the gift of his Holy Spirit as “soldiers for Christ.”  As St. Augustine observed, the significance of the sacrament is manifested according to Our Lord’s command to those Apostles who had already been baptized.

Annointing of the Sick

Annointing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick is a sacrament of the Catholic Church that is administered to a Catholic “who, having reached the age of reason, begins to be in danger due to sickness or old age”, except in the case of those who “persevere obstinately in manifest grave sin”.

Holy Orders
Holy Orders

Holy Orders

The sacrament by which power is granted to exercise the public administration of the sacraments and to perform all the sacred functions; namely the priesthood and diaconate.

Wedding Rings for Marriage

The primordial sacrament instituted by God to the end that, by means of the legitimate union of a man and woman, children are procreated and formed for service to God and the preservation of the human race

Requirements for Marriage:  

  • Marriage Ceremony must be scheduled a minimum of 6 months prior to the propose ceremony date.  Also, marriage ceremony is contingent upon successful completion of marriage preparation classes and satisfactory completion of all the required documentation.  
  • Additional time maybe necessary if either Bride or Groom requires a dispensation from the Diocese of Santa Rosa.  
  • Please schedule an appointment to begin process of completing documentation.