Father Fred's Corner

My Dear Family of God,
We have another month upon us. The month of May is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God and the recitation of the Rosary.  I hope you will find some time to pray to Our Blessed Mother for Divine Favors.  The first day of the month of May at 11:30AM we shall receive the Bishop of our diocese to preside over the memorial Mass for Father Patrick Stephenson, the first pastor of this parish.  We continue to pray for the repose of his soul.  I would like to thank the Coca-cola Company in American Canyon for donating some sodas for this event.  May God bless the workers and the company.  I hope you will all enjoy the little refreshments after the memorial Mass.  I am also preparing to celebrate my Silver Jubilee in the sacerdotal service on July 27, 2022.  My birthday is on July 18.  And I was also ordained a deacon on my birthday.  The month of July is very significant to me in my life.  I was also appointed your second pastor in July and ever since a lot has happened to us as a parish and we all need to be thankful to God.  We thank the Bishop and the priests of the Diocese of
Santa Rosa for their unflinching support.  We hope for better things to happen ahead of us and may God bless you all.

- - Fr. Frederick K. A. Kutubebi
Holy Family Catholic Church
200 Antonina Avenue
American Canyon, CA 94503
Direct Line: 707-645-9331 x101
Cell: 707-307-9009