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Holy Family Catholic Church

 June 14-20, 2021



Parish Prayer

May God Bless each family present
And bless our entire Holy Family Parish
Make it like the family of your Son
May our moments of sorrow, give way to the seasons of joy
May the memory of harsh words Fade before the warmth of a loving touch 
May the tears of sorrow be replaced by the music of laughter
May resentment be banished from our families 
And may forgiveness reign in our hearts
Today and everyday

Gone to Glory


Esperanza Pantas Didasa

April 17, 1924 - March 29, 2021

Esperanza Pantas Didasa was born on April 24, 1924 in the City of Bay, Laguna in the Philippines.  She was formerly a school teacher.  She met Bartolome Didasa and got married and had 3 children (Joe, Nick, and Peggy).  Her husband had joined the US Navy where he was stationed in the United States, where the family resided in American Canyon in 1969, and then eventually moved to Vallejo, California.

Esperanza ended up working for Southern Pacific Train Company in San Francisco, where she was a Data Analyst for over 28 years.  When she retired, her hobby became gardening, growing flowers such as orchids, roses and peonies and traveling the world.

She was very active in her Church, and served her church community for over 45 years!  She also was involved with Cursillo, which is a Christian Based movement of the Holy Spirit.

Esperanza was known for her witty personality, her kind ways, and her faith in serving God.  She was a very disciplined person who knew that you should take care of your body with a good diet, clean after yourself, be organized, and always have a plan.

She taught her children to always respect your elders and to take on a humble heart when it comes to having things.  She was married to her husband for over 65 years.  Marriage, church, family, career, healthy finances, and friendships where all a part of her life where she always kept it healthy.

She overcame many challenges in her life: she survived the Vietnam war; the loss of her first-born son; she became widowed after being married for over 65 years; and she battled breast cancer.

She will always be remembered for her strong faith, love, strength, kindness, and good will for many people.  She lived a very blessed life and she holds a special place in many people's lives that she has touched.

Her legacy of having such determination to be good, do good and provide for the good, will continue in many memories.

May she rest in peace with her beloved husband Bartolome, her son Joe, and be joined in her well-earned place in Heaven.

Please note the attendance at the Funeral and the Burial are limited due to Covid-19.


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This prayer, written by Isabella Boquiren, a cousin of Arlene Collins, was chosen by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains to be used as a prayer for the World Day of the Sick:

God of wholeness, of space, time and light, Your presence peers in all and over all events and experiences of life. I come to pray for the most vulnerable among us – the broken in mind, body and spirit. For them you have come to be most near. They are among your chosen ones, to manifest Your healing and saving powers – of mercy, patience, and faithful endurance.

As on the Cross, through this, our humanity You took on, in love, for love. Touch and make holy their sufferings. Breathe in them Your Spirit. Immerse and wash through old cells, Your precious blood and water. Hide and make as Your own, their wounds. Hear them when they cry out, “Jesus remember me.” They bend, like bruised reeds, but not broken. Like the good thief Dismas, not spurned. For in all . . . who is like You, O God of compassion?

“Your will be done.” A new morning is birthed. Amen.

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